Premium UK domain names for sale

We have 12 genuinely premium UK domain names for sale, that can really make the difference to your next project. Snap them up, before they go!

  • We currently don’t require these excellent UK domain names, as we are focusing on other projects.
  • We would be happy for any, or all, of them to find new homes!
  • Your business idea could instantly get an authoritative sounding and memorable web brand and presence.

When you buy one or more premium uk domain names from us, the registrant of the domain name(s) needs to be changed from us to you.

How it works – it’s quick & easy

There are two parts to changing the registrant of or .uk domain names.

1st part: What we will do

We (the current registrant) will complete the first part.

  • Within just 1 working day of the fee clearing in our bank account, we will complete a registrant transfer request.
  • We do this online, using our Nominet Online Services account.
  • There we will authorise the change of registrant from us to you.

2nd part: What you must do

You (the soon to be new registrant) must complete the second part.

  • Nominet will then send an email to you.
  • Click on the link in the email, and accept the transfer(s) on the webpage that appears.
  • You can leave the domain name(s) with Namecheap (the existing registrar). This might be the fastest and easiest way of completing the change of registrant. Alternatively, you can assign the domain name(s) to another registrar. However, in this case the change of registrant does not take effect, until the new registrar accepts the domain name(s).

Price list for our premium UK Domain names for sale

You’ll get an automatic 10% discount when buying 2 or more domain names, until 28th June 2024. If you want to purchase 5+ domain names, we are happy to negotiate an even bigger discount!

  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £ 2,490
  • £15,000
  • £15,000

No obligation, until binding agreement

We reserve the right to reject any offer, even at or above the prices shown, for any reason. There is no obligation on either your or our part until we have reached a binding agreement.

£12 Nominet fee

A £12 fee is payable by the buyer directly to Nominet for their transfer service. You only pay the fee once, even if you purchase multiple domains. This is provided they are transferred to the same new registrant, at the same time.

No other hidden fees

Apart the small £12 Nominet fee mentioned above, there are absolutely no hidden fees. Any price we agree will be the full amount you will have to pay for these quality domain names.

Let’s get started…

Contact us, and we’ll get things going. There’s no obligation, until we reach a binding agreement.